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The art of handling air

Comfort and wellbeing.
Hotel guests have high expectations and very individual demands when it comes to the room climate. Some like it cool and fresh; others prefer it warm and cosy. All of them, however, want a quiet room. Every hotel has an array of many different rooms and areas, each with different and often complex requirements for ventilation and air conditioning. From the lobby to restaurants, kitchen and bar, and from conference and meeting rooms to the spa. The demands on the air in a hotel could hardly be more diverse.

The perfect air condition for hotels: invisible – inaudible – unnoticeable.
At TROX, we are committed to providing flexible and adaptable solutions for hotels. Comfort, wellbeing and safety of people are clearly our main focus. This does not mean, however, that we compromise on sustainability and protection of the environment. With all these factors in mind, we offer not only classical standard solutions for hotel rooms but also bespoke and innovative system solutions such as air water systems that provide quiet and efficient service without being noticed by hotel guests.

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A guest in the best hotels.

The art of handling air

TROX technology can be found all over the world, in hotels of all categories including 5-star plus luxury resorts. You'll meet TROX at 1,800 m in an Austrian mountain lodge as well as in the famous Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.

This broad spectrum is a result of our cooperation with architects and engineers. It enables us to provide high-quality standard solutions as well as individual, customised system solutions that stand out because of their aesthetic design, intelligent function, and efficiency.

Complex requirements of the room air.

We invite you to inform yourself about legal standards and regulations for hotel buildings as well as about air conditioning parameters in various functional areas.

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Kameha Grand Hotel, Bonn

In the lobby you will mostly find mixed flow systems. Guests are welcomed by a comfortable climate created by ceiling swirl diffusers. Modern central building management systems allow for quick adjustments to ever changing indoor climate conditions.

The type XARTO and AIRNAMIC swirl diffusers are innovative air terminal devices that combine an extremely quiet air discharge with optimum swirl generation. The most demanding comfort requirements can thus be met, even with very high volume flow rates.

DUK jet nozzles are perfect for large and high reception areas, where the supply air discharge point is quite a distance from the occupied zone. The jet nozzles are suitable for heating or cooling applications and can be adjusted electrically or manually. The supply air flow can thus be ideally adapted to the actual conditions.

The type FBA floor diffusers are made of aluminium and have been designed to withstand very heavy usage. They provide comfortable and energy-efficient air discharge into rooms by complementing existing upward convection streams present in the occupied zone. This principle allows for the local heat loads to be dissipated very effectively.

Marqués de Riscal, Elciego/Rioja, Spain

Enabling guests to control the room climate individually and enjoy perfect comfort is becoming a significant competitive factor for hotel owners. Guest rooms may be comparatively small, yet they constitute major challenges to the air conditioning:

1. Blending in with the architecture
2. Highly efficient, thereby saving operating costs
3. To be individually controlled by guests
4. Quiet and draught-free
5. Standby mode to be centrally controlled and adapted to different loads; with minimum volume
flow rate to remove odorous substances

Active chilled beams of type DID-E have been specially developed such that guests are not disturbed while sleeping. The mixed flow air distribution ensures a pleasantly quiet climate of wellbeing also at night. The DID-E is a unit with one way air discharge that is predestined for hotel applications, for example for installation in a suspended ceiling and thus not visible.

The type DID-E active chilled beams are available in six sizes for volume flow rates from 36 to 300 m³/h and with a heating/cooling capacity of up to 1.7 kW, i.e. for the efficient air conditioning of both smaller single rooms and larger suites.

Guests can adjust the room climate at any time and create their own comfort zone using the control panel.

Decentralised air water systems, or façade ventilation systems, blend in with the façade. They are available as sill units or under sill units or can be installed to the side of windows. The compact units provide up to 120 m³/h of fresh air. The fresh air is filtered and supplied to the room as warm or cold air, depending on users’ needs. As these units work very quietly, the guests are not disturbed while sleeping even if the air condition is running all night. The air and water quantities can be individually controlled and adjusted for each guest.

VFC volume flow controllers are mechanical system-powered controllers for constant and variable volume flow systems with low air velocities.

Kameha Grand Hotel, Bonn

The automatic extract air valve ATVC-100 is an electrically operated device that ensures rapid air change and removal of humidity. The valve is usually closed or just slightly open but opens fully to remove higher volume flows when the switching contact is made, i.e. when the bathroom light is switched on.

Kameha Grand Hotel, Bonn

Hotel guests pass through these areas rather than staying there. These are usually inside areas where large numbers of people walk, and they must consequently be provided with sufficient supply air.

PASSCLEAN ceiling diffusers provide optimum secondary air induction but prevent contamination. The square or circular/square face plate can be used in 600 × 600 mm or 625 × 625 mm grid ceilings instead of a ceiling tile.

ADLR ceiling diffusers for radial air discharge ensure a high degree of comfort. The ceiling diffusers are available with circular or square face plates to be integrated into grid ceilings.

Radison Hotel Blue Heaven, Frankfurt

When the bar or restaurant is fully occupied, the staff as well as the ventilation system face a major challenge and must work quietly, efficiently, and without causing turbulence. Both the staff and the system need to use the time between meals to recover.

LG linear grilles made of light metal are aesthetic diffusers. They can, for example, be used as supply air grilles or recirculation grilles for floor induction units and provide draught-free comfort even in a full restaurant.

The air quality sensors of the volume flow controllers continuously measure the air quality and signal the required flow rate to the control system.

HESCO SB slot diffusers are available for one-way, two-way or even three-way air discharge thanks to their adjustable blades.

With their unique blade geometry, the circular AIRNAMIC diffusers provide an extremely quiet air discharge with optimum swirl generation. The most demanding comfort requirements can thus be met, even with very high volume flow rates.

Berlaymont, Brussels

The climate in the conference room must be adjustable to various conditions such as the size of the room and the number of people present. Sufficient fresh air must be supplied to ensure that conference participants feel comfortable and do not tire too easily because of stale air.

VARYCONTROL air terminal units are equipped with electronic or pneumatic control components. The temperature and/or room air quality is controlled individually by means of the supply air. The system only supplies the quantity of air required, which saves energy.

TDV-SilentAIR swirl diffusers feature high volume flow rates at low sound power levels. Supply air discharge in a swirl or horizontally as well as high induction levels ensure a balanced temperature and rapid decrease of the initial air velocity. Both square and circular models are available.

The DID632 active chilled beam features an optimised nozzle configuration and new geometry. It can provide high cooling capacities at low fresh air flow rates (up to 2,500 W at 250 m3/h). This results in low and comfortable air velocities in the occupied zone.

Martini Kirche restaurant, Bielefeld, Germany

When things are heating up in the kitchen, powerful supply air and extract air systems are required to keep any kitchen odours away from the guests. And where chefs juggle pans with hot grease and oil, hygiene and safety are musts.

The KA-EU fire damper for the extract air of commercial kitchens is a compact unit; thanks to its 100 % free area there is no ‘additional’ pressure drop that might otherwise be caused by the blade. In case of a fire the damper shuts automatically to prevent the propagation of fire and smoke through ductwork to adjacent designated fire compartments.

The PROCONDIF diffuser is a ventilation system that discharges air from the top yet offers the aerodynamic advantages of displacement flow ventilation. The function is based on a homogeneous velocity profile at the point of discharge that results in only low levels of induction and hence superb and nearly draught-free performance.

Hotel Divani Apollon, Kavouri/Athens, Greece

High humidity and temperature changes put considerable strain on systems and materials. But the spa is the very place where comfort and wellbeing are the ultimate goals and must be provided by the air conditioning system.

The square ceiling diffusers of type ADLR are made of aluminium. They are particularly suitable for flush installation into ceilings and for room heights of up to 4 m. The diffusers can be used in supply air or extract air systems. Due to the fixed blade arrangement they are preferably used for horizontal air discharge.

DUK-V jet nozzles are used when the supply air has to overcome a large distance from the point of discharge to the occupied zone, such as in the indoor pool area. The nozzles are adjustable, and the discharge direction of the supply air flow can be easily changed by hand or else using an actuator.

Behnischhaus building, Krefeld, Germany

In underground car parks of hotels more than in other areas the ventilation must include a reliable fire protection and smoke extract system to provide maximum safety in case of a fire.

Type FKRS-EU fire dampers shut automatically to prevent the propagation of fire and smoke through ductwork to adjacent designated fire compartments. They are tested to EN 1366-2.

The purpose of smoke extract dampers such as the EK-01 is to remove smoke via smoke extract systems.

X-CUBE air handling unit

This is where you find the heart of the building management system. It is from this central location that all building services, including ventilation and air conditioning, are controlled. The air handling unit (AHU) is the ‘lung’ of the central BMS as it provides the air that is needed.

The X-CUBE air handling unit by TROX is a modular unit that can be optimised for different project conditions. All components are made in Germany and are of superior quality. They ideally complement each other and make the X-CUBE particularly efficient. Intelligent features simplify installation, maintenance and operation of the AHU considerably.

With their aerodynamically profiled splitter frames, splitter attenuators reduce the pressure drop in comparison with conventional splitters by up to 30 %, which makes high energy savings possible. The splitters comply with the hygiene requirements of the VDI 6022 guideline. This ensures that the materials used are generally recognised as safe and do not provide a breeding ground for micro-organisms.

Filter technology from TROX.
In city centres the concentrations of particulate matter, ozone, and carbon dioxide are often higher than the levels permitted by the EU. TROX ensures that guests of hotels in city centres can also breathe fresh air. Thanks to its innovative filter technology TROX can manufacture filters for virtually every application situation. Minipleat filters with different pleat sizes and pleat spaces of only a few millimetres are just one example. Filters can thus be selected depending on the requirements of efficiency, volume flow rate, and pressure drop; the fan power can be reduced as a consequence.


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